Headshots Manchester NH/ Millyard Studios

Millyard Studios’ Glamour/Headshot photography is a fabulous way to create images for your own marketing and social networking. It can be scary for most of us to step in front of the camera in general, but also scary to trust someone to photograph you in the way want to show your community.  To ease this concern and make sure we created the images she wanted, for this session we set up a portrait consultation to talk about what this musician needed for her brand and audience. She let us know that she showcases her work at a variety of venues so she needed a variety of looks and imagery for each event. We discussed outfit ideas, hair and makeup and the overall look we would create together. It was so nice to photograph a fellow artist and learn more about her music.  We were so impressed by her that we are not only showing her photos, but also sharing some links to her websites and a videos too. She a pretty incredible lady.